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Sports Heroes Remembrance

Remembrance: New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame War Heroes

Each November, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day, we pause to remember those whose made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. In recent years there has been an increased effort to make younger Canadians (especially) more aware of the meaning of Remembrance Day and of the important role our veterans played in shaping our nation’s history.

Among those who answered the call in 1899, 1914 or 1939 were many of New Brunswick’s finest athletes, robust young men and women, in the prime of their lives. While some had the opportunity to pursue their careers in the service, for the majority, going to war meant putting sports aside and trading in a hockey stick, baseball bat, or running shoes, for a rifle, combat boots, and the uniform of the army, navy or air force. When the war was over, most returned and carried on with their lives. Some even went on to glory and success on the playing field. Sadly however, not everyone returned.




Sport Heroes Remembrance
Sybil Mitchell Beatteay (D)
Joseph Amédée (Meddy) Cormier (D)
Arthur Finnamore (D)
Charles Gorman (D)
Donald Norton (D)
Wallace Watling (D)
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