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Heritage Fairs

New Brunswick’s Heritage Fair Program is part of a national education project developed to increase awareness and interest in Canadian history. In New Brunswick, the program is an initiative of the Heritage Branch in the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture.

Heritage Fairs are an opportunity to include your entire school in an educational, dynamic and exciting event! By participating in the program, teachers from all departments (social studies, history, language arts, core language and immersion, science and technology, math, sports and recreation, multi-media, art, music, enrichment etc.) encourage their students to learn more about their community while developing and expressing their creative talents. By putting together an interdisciplinary program in your school, your students will be proud to participate in your school’s own unique Heritage Fair.

The most insightful and creative projects have a chance to win the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame’s Sport Legacy Award, awarded annually to the best New Brunswick sports themed Heritage Fair project in each region.

Heritage Fairs
  • are for all students

  • may be undertaken by an entire school, a class, in small groups, or individually

  • may take place in the classroom, in the community or in another setting

  • can happen anytime during the school year.

Please visit New Brunswick’s Tourism, Heritage and Culture for more information on this initiative.

Our Sports Heroes is a great resource for teachers and students! It is filled with stories of New Brunswick sports history and heritage!


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