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Gérard Biff Lemieux







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Gérard "Biff" Lemieux (D)



Although Gérard Lemieux was born in Lévis, Quebec, he was known in international boxing circles as the “Flying Frenchman of Edmundston,” his adopted home. His first major year as a professional boxer was notable for its many emotional highs and lows: he won the Maritime Featherweight crown twice and lost it as many times. He entered the ring for a career total of 226 fights, which works out to one fight every other week for nine years in a row! Many of these matches were against reigning champions, including four times against World Champion Harry Jeffra. Over the course of his career, he was headliner on the card at many boxing events, his name becoming a household word to fans across Canada and the United States. After he retired, he worked tirelessly for many years as a boxing coach and promoter in Edmundston. One of his greatest qualities was this eagerness to help others seek success in a sport in which he so often came so very close to glory. Inducted into the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame on June 5, 1982.

Quick Facts

  • Won the NB and Maritime Featherweight crown in 1930 

  • Won Maritime Bantam and Featherweight titles in 1935 

  • Fought World Champion Harry Jeffra four times and lost all four times by decision

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