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UNB 1925–1929 Rugby Team







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UNB 1925–1929 Rugby Team



A citation filled with statistics, besides making for dull reading, seldom does justice to a superior sport performance. But, in the case of these five consecutive University of New Brunswick Rugby teams, one is compelled to examine the facts: They played 36 games, won 31, tied 2, lost but 3! In 22 of those 36 games they held their opponents scoreless! They scored a total of 481 points, and had but 79 scored against them! They won 11 championship titles in those 5 seasons including 4 MacTier Cups, the highest achievement open to them in Canada! They were the toast of the university at which they studied, the city in which they resided, and the province whose name they carried with them during this dynasty. In amassing this string of Intercollegiate, New Brunswick, Maritime and Eastern Canadian titles they showed ever so clearly that sport excellence and academic achievement can indeed go hand in hand. Enrolled in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, June 2, 1979.

Quick Facts

NB English rugby champions in 1925 and 1927 Maritime Intermediate rugby champions in 1925, 1927 and 1929 Won the Eastern Canadian rugby championship from 1925-28 Maritime Senior rugby champions in 1929 Team members: Donald Adams (D); John Babbitt (D); George Boone (D); Stewart Bull (D); Clarence Burden (D); Donald Burns (D); Leo Cain (D); Byron Carr  (D); Tracey Carten (D); Richard Chestnut (D); Donald Currie (D); Lawrence Dazell (D); Paul Doddridge (D); William Donahue (D); Donald Douglass (D); Glendon Elgee (D); Edward Fellows (D); Jack Fowler (D); Eric Fowler (D); Paul Fraser (D); Robert Gibson (D); Ralph Goodine (D); Edward Goodspeed (D); Ralph Hanson (D); Bill Hay (D); Elbert Hayes (D); Earl Hickson (D); D. Holmes (D); David Hudson (D); Joseph Hurley (D); Russell Jones (D); William Jones (D); Orlo Keene (D); Gordon Kincade (D); Richard Lee (D); George Lockhart (D); William Loggie (D); Beverly Macaula (D)y; John MacMurray (D); Narin McCaffery (D); Leroy McLenahan (D); Norman McLeod (D); John McNally (D); Gordon McPhail (D); Tom O'Dell (D); Earl Oldham (D); Fred Pearson; Richard Petrie (D); Hazen G. Pond (D); William Richards (D); Errol Seely (D); Chipman Seely (D); Carl Slipp; Deane Smith (D); Wilbur Steen (D); Donald Stratton (D); S. R. Titus (D); James Trites (D); Carl Watson; Percy Watson (D); Arthur Wightman (D); Cedric Woods (D); Douglas Woods (D)
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