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Garrett MacFadyen



Garrett MacFadyen of Riverview was the first New Brunswicker and one of only three Canadians ever to triumph in the professional division of an Ironman Canada competition.MacFadyen had a remarkable eight-year career as an amateur before turning professional in this gruelling three-discipline sport.Besides Canada, he competed in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Japan.After improving every year since his entry into the sport in 1995, he reached the pinnacle in 2002, winning the Ironman Canada competition.He lagged behind 343 competitors after the 3.8- kilometre swim.He passed 341 competitors during the 180-kilometre bicycle and the final three in the 42.2-kilometre marathon to win the event in an amazing come-from-behind performance.During his professional career, MacFadyen had a remarkable 12 top-10 finishes in national and international competitions against the best in the world. Enrolled in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, June 5, 2010

Quick Facts

  • Won Ironman Canada 2002 in a time of 8:30:57 to become the first New Brunswicker to win this gruelling three-discipline sport (3.8K swim/180K bike/42.2K run) which is akin to swimming 76 lengths of an Olympic size pool, biking from Moncton to Fredericton and then running a full marathon 

  • During Ironman Canada 2002, he lagged behind 343 competitors after the swim portion and then passed 341 world calibre competitors during the bicycle race and the final three in the marathon to win in an amazing come-from-behind performance 

  • An average week in the life of a professional Ironman athlete would include a schedule of 16-20K swimming/500-800K Cycling/120-170K twelve months a year 

  • Garrett trained and competed as a professional Ironman athlete for over 4 years (2000-2003) and had twelve top-10 finishes in national and international competitions during this time 

  • National Long Distance Triathlon Champion (2001) 

  • National Elite Long Distance Triathlon Team Member (2001-03) 

  • New bike course record at Strongman Japan (2003)

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