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1972 Campbellton Tigers







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1972 Campbellton Tigers



That which the Bathurst papermakers began in 1971 the Campbellton Tigers continued in 1972, -- a 24-game play-off march to the Hardy Cup, symbolic of the Intermediate “A” hockey championship of Canada! After winning their own league, they met and defeated Charlottetown and Antigonish for the Maritime crown, and then Lively and Embrun, Ontario for the right to proceed to the national final against Rosetown, Saskatchewan.That last series was played on five consecutive nights in the home rink of the western champions.The Tigers rebounded from a 2 to 1 deficit in games to win the title 3 games to 2. Led by player-coach Red Ouellette, goaltender Dan Burkhart, and captain Stephen Fraser, the Tigers clawed their way to victory, and, in due course, to an honoured place in the Campbellton Sports Hall of Fame. Enrolled in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, June 6th, 1998.

Quick Facts

  • Winners of the 1972 North Shore, NB, Maritime and Eastern Canadian Intermediate "A" titles 

  • Defeated Rosetown, Sask. Red Wings for the Canadian Intermediate (Hardy Cup) championship 

  • Team members: Robert Allain; Bev Bawn; George Berube (D); Dan Burkhart; Charlie Charlong; Van Currie; Martin Doyle; Brian Forster; Stephen Fraser (D); Gord Gallant; Harry Gray; Owen Jelly (D); Wayne Keeley; Noonan Maher; Peter Maher; Gerry "Red" Ouellette; Jackie Parker; Jean Paul Picard (D); B. H. Robinson (D); Lou Roy; Clem Tremblay; David Vick; Donald Wood(D); John Wood .

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