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Golf pro Tommy Aaron once said that “golf is mostly a game of failures.” Not for Fredericton’s Doug Brewer.From his years as Junior champion at Toronto’s Tam O’Shanter golf club until the present time, golf, for him, has been one success after another. He has held almost every office from club executive to president of the RCGA.His resume includes assignments with the Canadian Professional Golf Association, the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association, and the World Golf Council.In addition he has served as non-playing captain of Willingdon Cup, World Junior and World amateur teams. Course design and management, playing rules, scholarship criteria, junior development, learn-to programs, policies and constitutions - these have all benefitted, and continue to benefit from his expert advice and guidance. In recognition of his 30+ years of service, the New Brunswick and the Royal Canadian Golf Associations conferred on him honorary life memberships! Enrolled in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, June 7th, 1997.

Quick Facts

  • Devoted over 30 years to the promotion and development of golf at all levels

  • Impacted many aspects of the game provincially and nationally, including Junior & Senior player development; scholarship programs; research into the agronomy and the environment; and golf course development 

  • Appointed governor to the NB-PEI Golf Association in 1966; assumed presidency in 1969 and guided association through transition period to separate provincial associations 

  • Headed NB provincial golf advisory board (1969-94) and brought several high profile amateur & professional tournaments to the province 

  • Served on the RCGA for 17 years including term as president in 1986 

  • Appointed non-playing captain to World Junior Championship in 1982 and World Amateur Championship in 1986 

  • Represented RCGA on Canadian Golf Foundation and Canadian Golf Hall of Fame 

  • Named Honorary Life Governor by NBGA in 1988 

  • Named Honorary Life Governor by RCGA in 1990 

  • Received the RCGA Distinguished Service Award in 2004

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