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Deborah Bryant




Rhythmic Gymnastics



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Deborah Bryant



Just one year ago Moncton's Debbie Bryant cheered as her rhythmic gymnastics mentor, Mariana Ardelean, was enrolled in the Sports Hall of Fame. "I'm thrilled," she said, "that the recognition is there because the accomplishment is there." After eleven provincial Senior Championships, ten years on Canada’s National Team, six international titles, and some fourteen podium appearances as an all-round or individual event performer, clearly the accomplishments are there, and so must follow the recognition. She has previously been honoured by the Université de Moncton, her city, and her province for her contributions as an elite athlete, coach, clinician, administrator, international team manager, and role model. Now she joins Mariana and fellow gymnast Lise Gautreau in the ranks of New Brunswick's sport legends. Enrolled in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, June 7th, 2003.

Quick Facts

  • Was New Brunswick's first individual competitor in the sport 

  • Canadian team member 1975-1984 

  • New Brunswick senior champion 1973-1983

  • Canadian senior champion 1981 

  • All-round champion Four Continents Cup 1978 

  • All-round champion & Princess Grace Cup, Monaco 1981 

  • All-round champion Canada-China competition 1982 

  • Competed in four world championships (1975, 77, 79, 81) 

  • New Brunswick female athlete of the year 1982

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