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Scott Harvey Sr





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Scott Harvey, Sr. (D)



You could have found them shagging flies and scooping up grounders wherever there was a field large enough to accommodate two avid baseball players. You could even have found them playing in the same game in the mid ‘60s, with father on the mound and son at short-stop.And when a home run was needed at the ’69 Canada Games, coach “senior” sent in “junior” to provide the swat. Scott Harvey served as president of the N.B. Federation of Amateur Baseball for 7 years; was director and vice-president of Baseball Canada; was instrumental in bringing the Continental Cup to New Brunswick in 1975; and served as chef de mission for Team Canada at the PanAmerican Games In ’79.In between, he did whatever was needed to elevate baseball to its present position of prominence. And so that double-play combination of father the builder and son the performer is united again as inductees in their provincial Hall of Fame. Enrolled in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, June 6th, 1992.

Faits rapides

  • Coached NB at the Canada Games in 1969 and ‘73' 

  • Served as director of the Canadian Federation of Amateur Baseball from 1974-79 

  • Served as vice-president of Baseball Canada from 1979-84 

  • Served as president of the NB Federation of Amateur Baseball in 1980 

  • Managed Team Canada at the 1979 Pan-American Games 

  • Instrumental in bringing the 1975 Intercontinental Cup Tournament to Moncton

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