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William Willie Logan




Speed Skating

Ville natale

Saint John

Année d'intronisation


Ambassadeur Sportif

athlete, winter olympics

William "Willie" Logan (D)



Not since Expo ’67 has an in-Canada event captured the imagination and attention of all Canadians, as has the 1976 Olympic Games. Synonymous with the Olympics, Canada and New Brunswick is that 1935 speed skating double medal winner from Saint John, Willie Logan.The twenties and thirties have been described as the “golden age of speed skating” and the Victoria Rink and Lilly Lake have been immortalized as the victory venues of Gorman, Smyth, the Logans and so many other outstanding performers. From Saint John to Saint Moritz, and from Lilly to Saranac Lake, no skating star has shone more brightly than the Logan known as Willie. Enrolled in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, June 7, 1975

Faits rapides

  • From 1919-36, won six Maritime titles, two Canadian Junior championships (1921-22), the U.S. Intermediate title (1923), the Canadian Intermediate Outdoor championship (1925) and the Canadian Senior Indoor title (1934) 

  • Finished second in the world championship to Charles Gorman in 1926 and second in both the U.S. Intermediate National and the International Outdoor championships 

  • Member of the 1928 Canadian Olympic speed skating team Captained the 1932 Canadian Olympic speed skating team 

  • Won Olympic bronze medals in 1,500 m and 5000 m events in 1932 

  • Won the Maritime Indoor championship in 1934 

  • Retired after winning the Maritime championship in 1936

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