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Sussex Amateur Athletic Club





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Sussex Amateur Athletic Club



For ten of their fans the price of admission to hockey games was their willingness to play in the team band; and it was that musical band of volunteers, frozen instruments and all, that gave the Sussex Senior Hockey Teams the nick-name of "The Old Grey Mares." That was indeed " . . . many long years' ago" when seventeen residents of Sussex combined their talents and enthusiasm to win five consecutive district, provincial, inter-provincial and/or Maritime senior hockey titles. The year 1925 saw the end of "The Mares" and the end of this type of hockey endeavour, — local talent, totally amateur, totally self-supporting, totally natural-ice based. It's too bad, really, because with their demise, the next line of their song came true, real amateur hockey "ain't what it used to be. ." But, despite all kinds of refinements, some good, some not quite so good, none has come along to even remotely duplicate the string of hockey successes of those greying old mares! Enrolled in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, June 2, 1979.

Faits rapides

  • Won the NB and Maritime championships in 1921 

  • Won the NB-PEI Southern Division in 1922, '23 

  • Won the NB and Maritime Amateur championships in 1924 

  • Won the NB-PEI Amateur championship in 1925 

  • Team members: Carl Brooks (D); Eddy Brooks (D); Willard Finnegan (D); John Friars (D); Bill Hay (D); Frank Hunter (D); Joe Lamb (D); George LeClair (D); Joe LeClair (D); John LeClair (D); George Maggs (D); Cecil McEwen (D); William Miller (D); Len Price (D); Harold Radcliffe (D); Percy Radcliffe (D), J. Fred Reid  (D)

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