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Sandra Davenport DeVenney




Wheelchair Sports

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athlete, paralympics

Sandra Davenport DeVenney



It is to small-town Canada that we more often than not turn to find our world-class performers. The village of Fredericton Junction gave us one of those in the person of Sandra DeVenney. Her sports were track and field, swimming, table tennis and basketball. Her trophy case glitters with 56 national medals including 24 of gold.Between 1971 and 1976, she won medals at the Stoke-Mandeville Games in England, the Olympiads in Heidelberg and Toronto, the Pan-American Games in Mexico and at international basketball tournaments in the United States. Her long-time employer has been the Provincial Department of Natural Resources and Energy. How appropriate, for, through her resourcefulness, her energy, but most of all, her ability, she has achieved national and international athletic acclaim. 

Enrolled in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, June 6th, 1987

Faits rapides

  • Won 56 medals (24 gold, 24 silver, eight bronze) and established six records at the Canadian Wheelchair Games from 1971-78  

  • Won one silver and two bronze medals at the 1971 Stoke-Mandeville Games; won two silver medals at the same games in 1973 

  • Member of the Canadian Women’s wheelchair team in 1976 and 1977 

  • Member of six NB wheelchair teams 

  • Founding member of the NB Wheelchair Sports Association

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