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Moncton YMCA Pawnees





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Moncton YMCA Pawnees



Sport, like fashion, changes with the times.Younger fans who today live in an era of professional franchises and highly politicized international competitions may have difficulty relating to an earlier time when community and agency-based amateur teams were the order of the day. Such a team was that known as the Moncton Y Pawnees - The Kings of Provincial and Maritime Intermediate basketball for some 14 years.Coaching and managerial leadership was provided by first Y physical director George Sinclair, followed by Walter McWilliam, and Earl Wilcox who guided the team for eleven seasons. The people of the Hub City thrilled to the accomplishments of Gordon Trites and his 31 team-mates as they collected 15 titles between 1920 and 1933. Enrolled in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, June 4, 1988.

Faits rapides

  • Won the Provincial Intermediate championship from 1923-33 and in ’35 

  • Won the Maritime Intermediate championship from 1925-28, ’32 and ’33 

  • Reached the Eastern Canadian finals in 1932 and the Dominion (Canadian) finals in ’33 

  • Team members: Claude Able (D); Hibbie Armstrong (D); Clyde Berry (D); Gordon Brown (D); Roy Cameron (D); Allington Chandler (D); Don Dunham (D); George Freeman (D); Jack Fryers (D); Fred Gardiner (D); John Hanson (D); William Hayman (D); Allan Hopper (D); Ken Kerr; Ralph LeBlanc; Jack MacDonald (D); Donald MacFarlane (D); Gordon MacFarlane (D); Donald MacPherson (D); Walter MacWilliam (D); Ernest McBeath (D); Ted McKim; Leslie Milburn; Roger Mills; Robert Morton (D); James Roberts (D); Douglas Rodd (D); George Sinclair (D); Gordon Trites (D); Everett Trites (D); Temple Van Buskirk (D); Gerald Van Buskirk (D); Claude Whitenect (D); Earl Wilcox (D)

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