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Moncton Hawks





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Moncton Hawks



In honouring these teams New Brunswick pays tribute to coach Percy Nicklin, Manager Ambrose Wheeler, to thousands of loyal Moncton Hockey Fans but more particularly to the players who brought two consecutive Allan Cup Championships to this province, symbolic of senior amateur hockey supremacy in Canada.Where ever knowledgeable hockey fans gather the conversation inevitably turns to the days of the Hawks and their decisive victories over Saskatoon in 1933 and Fort William in 1934.Although they hailed from points as distant as Ireland and Ontario, Scotland and Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec and Nova Scotia they were Moncton’s team and New Brunswick National Champions. Enrolled in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, June 27, 1970.

Faits rapides

  • Won the Allan Cup as Canadian amateur hockey champions in 1933 and 1934 

  • Defeated Saskatchewan Quakers in Vancouver in 1933; and Fort William (Ontario) Thundering Herd in Toronto in 1934 

  • Over 15,000 fans welcomed the team when they returned to Moncton following their 1934 win 

  • First team to win successive Allan Cup titles with the same roster 

  • First Maritime team to win the Allan Cup 

  • Won the North American championship in 1934 defeating Detroit in a 3 game series 

  • Team members: Sylvester "Daddy" Bubar (D); Len Burrage (D); Bert Connolly (D); James Foster (D); William Gill (D), Charles Irvine(D); Dud James(D); Eddie Kervin (D); Frank LeBlanc (D); Duke MacDonald(D); Sammy McManus (D); William Miller (D); Monty Muckle (D); Percy Nicklen (D); Horace Smith (D); Ned "Ed" Smith (D); Aubrey Webster (D); Ambrose Wheeler (D); William Walker (D).

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