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Andrew Gunter





Ville natale

Saint John

Année d'intronisation


Ambassadeur Sportif


Andrew Gunter (D)



His career in sports competitions and administration, an in youth and public service covers the unbelievable period of more than half a century! As secretary-treasurer of the Provincial Rifle Association for forty years, as a local, national and international competitor for forty-five years, as a teacher and principal for forty-two years, and as a volunteer leader in community, governmental and charitable organizations for twenty years, “Andy” Gunter, E.D., is unique in terms of 2quantity and quality of service in the world of sport, education and recreation.When the question is asked, “How should a sport governing body conduct its affairs?”, the answer that follows is invariably the same: “Just copy the Rifle Association and Andy Gunter!”A builder indeed, but so much more than that, a New Brunswick sport institution and a guiding light for so many national and international champions. Enrolled in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, June 3rd, 1972.

Faits rapides

  • Member of the Canadian Bisley team in 1933 

  • Adjutant of the Canadian Bisley team, winning a place in the Queen’s Hundred in 1948 

  • Secretary-treasurer of the Saint John Rifle Association from 1928-31 

  • Served as President and later secretary-treasurer of the NB Rifle Association 

  • Became honorary life member of the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association in 1982

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