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Jim Murphy Rink





Ville natale

Saint John

Année d'intronisation


Ambassadeur Sportif


Jim Murphy Rink



In 1967 Canadians celebrated the 100th anniversary of confederation in a variety of splendid ways; but none celebrated that occasion more auspiciously than did the members of the Jim Murphy rink from the Thistle Curling Club in Saint John. On March 31st, 1967, Murphy, mate Harry Farrell, 2nd Donald Beatteay and leader Walter Biddiscombe became the first male curlers from New Brunswick to win a major National Championship, after falling behind by 4 in the early ends they came on in the seventh to take the lead and pave the way for a victory in the 1967 National Seniors Championship. These two-time Provincial champions (1967 and 1969) now take their rightful place beside Mabel DeWare’s National Ladies Championship rink in this shrine of provincial sports heroes. Enrolled in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, May 30, 1981.

Faits rapides

  • Jim Murphy (D), skip; Harry Farrell (D), mate; Don Beatteay (D), second; Walter Biddiscombe (D), lead 

  • Won the NB Senior Championship and the Canadian Senior Championship in 1967

  •  Runners-up in the 1968 NB Senior Curling Championship 

  • Reclaimed the NB Senior Championship and competed in Canadian Senior Championship in 1969

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