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Paul Hodgson





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Paul Hodgson



Former Dodger great Roy Campanella once said that, “You gotta be a man to play baseball for a living, but you gotta have a lot of little boy in you too.” Fredericton’s Paul Hodgson played baseball for a living from the time he turned pro with the Toronto Blue Jays until, like Campy, injuries forced him to retire some seven years later. He began playing ball in Marysville when he was 12, was a Canadian senior all-star left fielder when he was 16, turned pro on his 17th birthday, and got called up to “the show” at the age of 20, - and was at that time the youngest player in the Major Leagues. His sport and city have previously recognized him for that unbeatable combination of adult skill and boyish enthusiasm for his sport of baseball. His talents in the field and at bat allowed him to make it to the major leagues with the Toronto Blue Jays. Enrolled in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, June 3rd, 1995.

Faits rapides

  • Played in the Canadian Senior baseball championship at the age of 16 for the Marysville Royals; selected all-star left fielder with a .500 batting average 

  • Signed a pro contract with the Toronto Blue Jays in 1977 

  • Made his major league debut with the Blue Jays in 1980 

  • Played at the Class AA level in 1981-82 due to a shoulder injury

  • Later returned to Fredericton to play Senior baseball for the Marysville Royals and the Fredericton Cardinals; helped the Moncton Mets to the 1986 Atlantic Senior championship

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